Art&Soul is a collaborative labor of love by John and Souheir Rawlings. Their extensive backgrounds in Education, Art & History, combined with their love of travel and culture, present a powerful mix of teaching and life-long learning.  They have a profound commitment to quality in all their offerings, both as Guides and Artists.  It is the combination of their insatiable curiosity and their desire to share with others that help to make their work so meaningful–to themselves and those who join them in their Artistic Adventures around the World.

John & Souheir spend their summer months in Northern Montana, where they have a home and studios in the woods near Glacier National Park. Recently, they have been asked to host Winter Artist Retreats in the deserts of New Mexico.  When they are not creating in these two magnificent places of natural beauty, they travel and lead tours and residencies in Italy where they immerse themselves in the arts and culture.  Their “Sojourns” throughout the Italian landscape are exceptional…filled with writing, painting, and viewing the splendor of La Dolce Vita!

John Rawlings:

London-born and Australian-raised, John has been exposed to cultures all over the world. After graduating from the University of Guanajuato in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, he taught college art & history classes for the next 35 years in the Western United States. In 2014 John was awarded the status of Professor Emeritus for his outstanding career in higher education. He has spent much time in Italy, has lived there twice for extended periods of time, and has lead over 15 tours/residencies to the country. In 2006, he received global recognition at the International Biennale in Egypt, where his art was displayed in the world-renowned exhibition. His paintings and sculptures communicate his connection to the land and his surroundings. By incorporating found objects with natural materials, he conveys a deep connection between his life and art.

John was named the 2014 Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Faculty Member of the Year for the North American Westen Region. John was one of only five Professors recognized with the ACCT award from more than 1,200 colleges in the United States and Canada. For the past twenty years he has been leading Art Programs in Italy, introducing hundreds to its wonders.

Souheir Rawlings is a certified teacher with over 30 years of experience. Her credentials come from Pacific Oaks College–a premier teacher’s college emphasizing multi-cultural education. She has certifications in Expressive Arts Education and degrees in Human Development. Her art studies began in Florence Italy at Studio Art Centers International. Souheir’s passion for learning combined with her artistic explorations led her to further her work in Expressive Art Therapy. She has received awards for her portraiture and has worked under the guidance of renowned Artists from Tuscany. She has a great deal of experience coordinating tours and residencies, assisting artists in their creative endeavors, and is proficient in the Italian language.

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